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TWM views supply chain management as a key link of corporate sustainability. We purchase network, information, and communication facilities and base station, data center, office equipment from domestic and international manufacturers on an annual basis. Large orders are placed with multiple suppliers. In addition to compliance with strict behavioral norms in its own operations, the company therefore also maximizes its impact on suppliers to guide them in their concern for CSR and environmental protection related issues. Through the promotion of sustainable development of the industry, the implementation of CSR is strengthened to spur improvements of the overall environment.

Achievement in 2015

  • Green procurement: 214 million NTD (increased by 15.2% compared to 2014)
  • Local procurement ratio: 93.85%
  • CSR self-assessment: 210 suppliers

KPIs and Targets

  • Green procurement: increase by 10% compared to 2015
  • CSR self-assessment: at least 250 suppliers in 2016
  • Local procurement ratio: at least 90% in 2016
  • CSR audits: at least 90 suppliers until 2018

TWM will continue to carefully select suppliers in accordance with relevant rules and principles to expand and strengthen supplier management and determine their understanding and commitment to CSR through self-assessment questionnaires. In the future, we will ask even more suppliers to fill out and submit these questionnaires and provide professional guidance and educational training for suppliers with low implementation levels of CSR to encourage them to establish a solid foundation in the dimensions of economy, society, and environment and create an environment of sustainable development in cooperation with TWM.