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TWM is deeply aware of the risks generated by climate change and the huge impact on the environment and the ecology as well as the tremendous harm to the long-term economic development. To set a positive example, the company is firmly committed to reducing carbon emissions in its daily operations as well as an active promotion of environmental protection and the establishment of a system for the effective management and use of energy resources. At the same time, we fully utilize our core capabilities as information and communication service providers to incorporate environmental considerations into the product and service design process with the goal of providing green products and services and fulfilling our environmental responsibility.

Achievement in 2015

  • Reduced 2,176 ton-CO2e by energy saving programs
  • To establish 8 renewable energy base stations
  • Purchased 100 million of green energy
  • Public Response to “Commit to Action” of CDP initiative
  • Become a member of the international Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)
  • Passed ISO14001:2015 certification

KPIs and targets

  • Short-term GHG target: Keep annual GHG emissions 1% below the estimated values based on operational growth
  • Long-term GHG target: 2025 GHG emissions back to 2016 level based on operational growth
  • 2020 total KW produced by generators increased can be reached to 200KW
  • 2018 ISO14001 certification coverage to 100%.

We will continue to focus on carbon risk management and control GHG emissions from sales growth. We have set the reduction target as 1% below the annual estimate. We are also conducting pilot trials and assessments to gage the feasibility of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and fuel cells. The development of alternative energy sources will help save electricity and protect the environment. We actively participate in international assessments to review the performance of our related management systems and incentive targets. This will ensure that our sustainable competitiveness will continue to improve.