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CSR Projects

TWM is firmly committed to the goal of turning into a sustainability benchmark enterprise in the information and telecommunication industry. In the face of constant challenges in the areas of climate change responses, GHG controls, brand image maintenance, and supply chain management etc. We actively implements risk management to cope with crises and develop potential business opportunities. We have integrated our core resources in the fields of telecommunication, media and cloud services, and virtual and physical channels in our efforts to respond to materiality issues in the dimensions of economy, environment, and society. We have also developed a sustainability strategy blueprint which serves as the foundation for the CSR Vision 2020 Project. For the first year of the plan, we have formulated short-, mid-, and long-term sustainable strategy goals. Follow-up implementation results and performance will be reported to the CSR Committee and board of directors on a regular basis. Our goal is to gradually create a corporate image highlighting the transformation of TWM as a pioneer in the field of CSR.